Sunday, September 7, 2008

This what we found in B.W. Brammer's closet 50 years later.

B.W. Brammer was a complex person from another era. He was born in TX, family moved to California and then migrated back here when he was three (~1914) His family settled in Wise county TX. BW was raised a peanut farmer. Between raising, Peanuts, vegetables, working long hours as a layout person for 'Baker built Feeders' and a family with five kids, BW enrolled in an electronic correspondence course from ITT.

He fixed Radios and TVs for several years. He did all of this with a seventh grade formal education.

BW stored maybe fifteen or so old radios above his bedroom closet some fifty years ago. Unfortunately, dry rot and termites have taken their toll.

I wonder what station he was listening to as he switched OFF the ole Zenith Radio.

There is some magic attached to an old tube type radio. When you turn it on, there should be audio from the 40s coming out the electro-magnet actuated speaker. Instead, there is silence, then, maybe a hiss from one of the paperwound condensers as it outgasses a pungent odor. Wait , hold it, there it is again. There was some static from the speaker!? No, it was only a ghost, a whisper from the past , escaping, never to be heard again.

How many components can you name?

Did you ever smell the capacitors in an old radio heat up?

Ever tune for less static?

Did you ever go outside to make sure the antenna is connected?

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